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The impact of robots and automation in Catalonia. An analysis of citizens' opinions

Article-Report (AGS). Robots and automation processes have arrived to stay. Despite positive outcomes derived from new technologies, such as a remarkable rise in productivity over time and easier communications, humans are observing how new species are irrupting at their current labour posts. It is estimated that approximately 50% of jobs have potentially automatable tasks, and that the remaining ones will experience radical transformations.

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Autonomous weapon systems: a threat to international security

Article (UB). Autonomous weapon systems (AWS), more known as “killer robots”, represent an important threat to international peace and security. It is necessary the adoption of a humanistic point of view, which promotes a strong global regulation of AWS, motivated by the interpretation of the centenary Martens Clause and the so-called ius in bello.

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Hipoteca multidivisa. Dictamen jurídic

Tesi de Fi de Màster (UAB). El present dictamen jurídic analitza les problemàtiques subjacents d’un cas pràctic hipotètic, proposat per l’equip docent del Màster de l’Advocacia de la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. El nucli de l’exercici recau en l’estudi del Dret Civil de les hipoteques multidivisa i la contractació de productes financers per part de consumidors i usuaris.

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Business survival and characteristics at the core of the C.I.T.

Master Thesis (UAB). Vallès region is very close to Barcelona, but there are several factors that make this territory unique. The Catalonia Innovation Triangle (C.I.T.) is located there, inside the boundaries of the towns of Cerdanyola, Sant Cugat and Rubí, and this area hosts important business parks and top-quality universities, with their own company incubators.